Grace Filled Fiction Christmas Sweeps ~ 2020


GFFS Christmas (2)


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…[KJV

Seven authors are promoting their novels/novellas … and they will give away a copy of their book to Seven winners from readers who leave comments. This is our authors’ Christmas gift to the winners. Click above, under the blog’s title, to leave a comment. Winners will be selected between December 11 and January 16. We will begin notifying winners after the second week in January.

Red Bow

A NY Yankee

A NEW YORK YANKEE on STINKING CREEK by Carol McClain ~ Love and kindness and giving–even when circumstances are hard– live in this novel’s pages. This winner of the Dragonfly Book Award for Novel will help you and those you love, escape the chaos of Christmas and the hard times of COVID with laughter, love, and poignancy. This, called by one reviewer the best book of 2020, is the perfect gift for someone you care about–or for yourself. Purchase on Amazon.

Lunch Ladies

LUNCH LADIES (What a Difference a Year Makes, Book 3) by Ruth O’Neil ~ 2020 has been hard for many people. The Lunch Ladies show you how to do Christmas right. Lie to your friends. Set them up with jobs they didn’t ask for. Sneak them money. Break into their house to leave a slew of gifts. Don’t you want the kind of friends that would make your Christmas the most memorable one ever? You can also see what they’re up to the rest of the year. On sale for 99c. Purchase on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited.

AOM Cover

ACTS OF MALICE by Nike N. Chillemi ~ All thru the holidays from Florida to Caracas: murder, intrigue, covert ops, family upheaval, loyalty. Lavender & Mackey hardly know each other. Each spends the holidays filled with angst, bittersweet moments, and humor. It won’t get better if greedy real estate moguls & the deep state have their say. A thrilling holiday read and/or gift for mystery readers, on sale for 99c. Purchase on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited.


The Black Rose

THE BLACK ROSE (Empire in the Pines, Book 3) by Naomi Musch ~ On a cold winter’s eve, you’ll find reading that will warm you from your heart to your toes in this novel. Snared by shame, Jesilyn Beaumont runs from what she’s done and lands in a raucous lumber town. Camp preacher Paul Winter longs to rescue her, but can he manage such a broken woman when his own heart gets entangled? Get it today. Purchase on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited.


GHOST (The Justice Chronicles Book 1) by Michael Jack Webb ~ Like many people in Ft. Collins, Colorado, Kate Justice loves the smell of chestnuts roasting, or sitting in front of a roaring fire sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate, enjoying Christmas with her parents. But it’s not Christmas. It’s April. And Kate is wondering if she’ll survive the month. Enter a world where nothing is what it appears to be, and every clue leads an extraordinary young woman deep into the heart of darkness and beyond. Purchase on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited


A CHRISTMAS BLESSING (A Best Friend’s Widow Romance) by Suzanne D. Williams ~ “Christmas is such a powerful time of blessing, a time to set our hearts on the goodness of God. Curl up in your easy chair and let this sweet romance fill your thoughts with the heavenly joy and healing of the holidays.” Purchase on Amazon


Celtic Knot

CELTIC KNOT (Celtic Cross Series, Book 3) by Tammy Doherty ~ Winter weather can be frightful so curl up by the fire with a delightful book! In this story Abby doesn’t want to depend on anyone, especially not one of her father’s cowboys. Kyle is different, though – chivalrous and just a bit mysterious. But Kyle can’t let Abby know the truth, that he’s working undercover investigating her family. A tangled web of lies and deceit and a strong dash of romance – all enough to keep you warm this Christmas. Purchase on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited


The authors at Grace Filled Fiction Spotlight wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas season and a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year.

GFFS Christmas (2)

8 thoughts on “Grace Filled Fiction Christmas Sweeps ~ 2020

  1. Tammy Doherty

    I hope everyone gives books for Christmas this year – and I hope you all get the books you most desire!! Love all these wonderful authors. Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

  2. Lual Krautter

    Would love to win a print copy of Acts of Malice by Nike N. Chillemi, The Black rose by Naomi Musch, or Celtic Knot byTammy Doherty. Appreciate the opportunity to enter such a wonderful giveaway, and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

  3. Peggy Turko

    Thank you for the opportunity to be able to read different authors. I hope that this year allows all of us to draw nearer to the Lord,

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