How Spotlighted Novels Are Selected



GRACE AWARDS is changing with the times. It’s evolving into the GRACE FILLED FICTION SPOTLIGHT. As we go into our ninth year, our board has decided to shift our focus from the concept of “winners” to the idea of “novels we love.”  During our eight years we attracted a stellar group of 18 judges. We also have a group of 20 or more authors who are active in our Grace Awards Face Book group. This group is open to all Christian fiction authors. This year, we will be relying on these two groups to select novels and authors to be spotlighted.

BOOK CATEGORIES: These will be a bit more fluid than they were before. We had…

Women’s Fiction/General Fiction

Contemporary Romance/Historic Romance

Mystery/Romantic Suspense/Thriller/Historic Suspense

Speculative Fiction — sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc

Action-Adventure/Western/Epic Fiction

Young Adult (YA) — includes Middle Grade and New Adult (NA)

NOW reviewer can decide what the category is. It could be Coming of Age, Urban Fiction, Biblical Fiction, Detective Story, Cozy Mystery, etc. ~~ Or, a combination such as Western/Steampunk, Epic/Fantasy, etc.

TYPES OF NOVELS READERS MAY CONSIDER: Traditional Christian, Inspirational, uber contemporary/gritty/or edgy Christian without crossing the line, stories from a Christian/Messianic worldview/themes, redemptive themed, faith-based, values imbued, grace and forgiveness oriented, inspirational, marriage/family friendly, depicting Christian lifestyle (can be struggling with it), spiritually and emotionally healing fiction…of 55 thousand words or more. At this time we do not have a category for anthologies.


All past Grace Awards judges. All authors, editors, publishing professionals, and readers who participate in the Grace Filled Fiction Spotlight Facebook group.

An author CANNOT spotlight/review their own novel/novella. Anyone working in publishing cannot nominate a novel they worked on. Reviewers can’t have been an editor, cover artist, Beta reader, publisher of that specific novel, and can’t be a close family member of the author.


Original novels presenting a Christian worldview written in English, published in hard cover, trade paperback, or in Ebook format.

Traditional publishers, Small press, Indie publishers, self-published works. To us, Pbooks and Ebooks all compete on the same level playing field.

Most of all, the novel must reach the highest of literary standards and add something of value to Christian, inspirational, faith-based fiction and to the world at large.

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