FAITH IN THE SHADOWS by Sadie and Sofie Cuffe ~ winter setting

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The setting is a post-Civil War winter, so get yourself a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with this historical read that will engage your mind and your heart. Perfect for Christmas reading or gifting. FAITH IN THE SHADOWS. And don’t we need faith in this wonderful season of promise, as we do in every season?

FaithintheShadowsCoverArt72dpi (1) (1)



The purple birthmark on her cheek brands Alice Wainwright a spinster. When her fiancé bullies her at their engagement party, blind Civil War veteran Hawk steps out of the dark and becomes her champion. Torn between honor and need, Hawk comes to work for the Wainwright family. Friendship turns to love, but each is blinded by a dark secret. Can they face the truth about each other before they’re torn apart?

Xmas, Angel

Our little Christmas angel Gracie is eager to ask the charming, delightful, and sometimes inexplicable Cuffe sisters a few questions.

 Gracie:  What is your favorite Christmas carol and why? Do you have a favorite performing artist who performs that song?

Sadie and Sophie:  Mary Did You Know? We love the line “When you’ve kissed your little Baby then you’ve kissed the face of God.” It’s humbling that our Savior left the glories of heaven to take on life as a human so He could save us all. (And we’re so grateful He did!)  As for performing artist, it’s a toss-up between Kenny Rogers and Kathy Mattea – both do an excellent job.

cuffe sisters

Gracie:  Are your Christmas decorations traditional, or do they have a more modern flare. Perhaps they’re eclectic? Do you have a particular theme? Or does each and every ornament and decoration have a personal meaning to you?

Sadie and Sophie:  Our decorations are eclectic, the accumulation of years of children and grandchildren’s contributions. And Sadie’s got a set of red and green tractor lights we put up around the office window. Sophie’s got some bling hanging from the wicked cool flamingo office deco, just to jazz it up a bit, although really, when has a flamingo ever needed jazzing?.

Gracie: Somehow the tractor lights and the flamingo doesn’t surprise me. (gives a wicked, oops an angelic grin)

Gracie:  What foods can be expected on your holiday menu? Are you known for a particular Christmas delicacy or treat?

Sadie and Sophie:  We always make up a ton of Aunt Mert’s Christmas bread. It’s a sweet bread, filled with brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled up into a tube and fashioned into a circle. Once baked we decorate it with white icing and top it with maraschino cherries and walnuts.

Christmas bread

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