OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT day two: Karin Kaufman


Longing for the Supernatural by Karin Kaufman

As Christians we know that the supernatural world—a world “where trees clap hands” and “God’s voice sounds like thunder,” as Bible teacher Beth Moore has said—is as real as the natural one, and I’m convinced we all have a deep, God-given need to experience the supernatural in our ordinary lives. We long to see what Elisha’s servant (2 Kings 6:17) saw when he had his eyes opened by the Lord and looked up to see the hillsides around him filled with horses and chariots of fire. At least in our braver moments we do.

In my twenties, even though I was a Christian, I was drawn to the fast-food side of the supernatural. As much as I longed for a taste of the invisible world I believed was there, I never experienced it through Christianity. But I wanted it. So I played around with wicca and studied “alternative paths”—from Celtic neopaganism to astral projection. All the fun (and pretty) stuff. The stuff without God attached, since an encounter with God would have required something of me I wasn’t prepared to give at that time.

Karin Kaufman

As a result, although I have strong, negative opinions on wicca, neopaganism, and the new age, I have nothing but empathy for young people caught up in those beliefs. I understand what draws them because it drew me too. And I know that someone trying to connect to the supernatural through wicca is far closer to God than he or she may realize.

Needless to say, I’m no longer involved in wicca, so this passion of mine—to expose wicca and similar beliefs for the danger they are—found an outlet in my mystery series. I knew I had to throw the heroine of the series, Anna Denning, into situations where she would have to deal with people—some of them villains, some not—who followed these paths. Witches, wiccans, neopagans, spiritualists, new agers who believe in ghosts—and I’m just getting started.



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The Witch Tree


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