Publishers Who Have An Author In The Grace Awards 2012

Book Store 2Every year it’s so exciting to see which publishers and publishing houses will have authors nominated by readers in the Grace Awards. This is the third year and perhaps it’s the most diverse group yet. We have everything from small press to indie publishers to the traditional houses.

Here is a list of the Grace Awards 2012 publishers and publishing houses that have received votes for novels they released during the 2012 calendar year in traditional Christian, inspirational, realistic and/or gritty Christian and edgy Christian, stories from a Christian worldview, redemptive themed, Biblical, Messianic, faith-based, values imbued, grace and forgiveness oriented, marriage and family friendly, depicting Christian lifestyle (can be struggling with it), spiritually and emotionally healing, mystical and mythic fiction.

And the publishers are…

Whitefire Publishing, Create Space, River North, Multnomah Books, Bethany House, Cross River Media Group, OakTara, Jubilee Press, Small Batch Books, Boone River Publishing, Desert Breeze Publishing, B&H Books, Mindstir Media, Astraea Press, Marcher Lord Press, Thomas Nelson, Crossway, Tate Publishing, Sword of the Spirit Publishing, Zondervan, Bethany House, Abington Press, Dana Pratola, Five Loaves and Two Small Fish, David C. Cook.

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