They write about Christmas Angels, Learning to Trust, and Amish Vampires! Wow!

Twenty-two talented authors are participating in the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour, sponsored by the Grace Awards. These writers have a great love for Christmas and would like to share with the public their thoughts about what inspires them and their Christmas memories.

Xmas, Bow Border

SUZANNE WILLIAMS (CHRISTMAS ANGEL, MISSING, FOUND, Christmas hope, soldiers missing in action)

Grace Awards:  What foods do you prepared for the holidays?

Suzanne:  Our family Christmas is untraditional. We don’t have a big sit-down meal, but instead fix an array of hors d’oeuvres. It’s a chance to try out recipes you’ve held onto all year and display your culinary skills. I always tend to lean toward making desserts (which all my friends and family will know about me). But the favorite of everyone are always the Bacon-wrapped Water Chestnuts my aunt makes. We fight over these and consume every one. There’s something about bacon soaked in BBQ sauce that appeals to the senses and the crunch of the water chestnuts is added bliss.

Grace Awards:  What is your favorite Christmas carol and why? Do you have a favorite performing artist who sings that song

Suzanne:  I have always loved Silent Night. I sometimes sing it during other times of the year when I need to find peace. I prefer Josh Groban’s version of the song. I also love The Prayer as sung by Celine Dion and Andreas Bocelli. I have an eclectic taste in music, from pop to rock to classical. But there is something at Christmas-time about hearing the angelic voices of Groban and Bocelli that really makes me happy.

Suzanne D. Williams is a native Floridian, wife, mother, photographer, and writer. She is author of both nonfiction and fiction books. She writes a monthly column for on the subject of digital photography, as well as devotionals and instructional articles for various blogs. She also does graphic design for self-publishing authors.

Link to Suzanne’s showcase on the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour.

AMANDA STEPHAN (THE PRICE OF TRUST, LONELY HEARTS, beaten, betrayed, and on the run, love the second time around)

Grace Awards:  What is your favorite Christmas carol and why? Do you have a favorite performing artist who sings that song?

Amanda:  Ooh, hands down, I’d have to say my favorite Christmas song is Mary Did You Know? I love how Mark Lowry sings it, but to tell you the truth, I think I’d probably love the song no matter who sang it ~ as long as it wasn’t rap. I’m not sure I could handle a rap version. Huh. Perhaps I’ll have my kids give it a try…that could be interesting! The meaning and how Mary could have been feeling or thinking ~ that just sends chills up my spine.

Grace Awards:  Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? What about that movie thrills you…makes you tear up?

Amanda:  My absolute, hands-down, without-a-doubt favorite Christmas movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I realize it’s an oldie, but it resonates deep within me. No matter how bleak life looks or seems to be at a certain time, it’s still worth the living.

Mary and Jesus

Amanda StephanAmanda is your normal, everyday country girl. Residing in Middle, TN with her husband and children who closely resemble several of the seven dwarfs, (Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy/Happy), three cats, one dog, and multiple roosters that love to roost under their bedroom windows. She loves to laugh and have a good time, and loves to read a good book. She finds writing to be an opportunity to share God’s love for others in a fun and entertaining way. Her first novel, The Price of Trust, was published in May of 2010, her second novel, Lonely Hearts was released at the end of October, 2011, and she is currently working on a short Christian paranormal novella as well as a three book Christian romantic suspense series.

Link to Amanda’s showcase on the Grace Filled Blog Tour. Check out her touching romantic novels.

Xmas, Angel Ornament, Purple

BARBARA E. BRINK (CHOSEN, SHUNNED, RECKONING, the Amish Bloodsucker Trilogy, YA that’s lots of fun)

Grace Awards:  Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? What about that movie thrills you…makes you tear up?

Barbara:  I love Christmas movies but my favorites tend to be comedies. One that makes me tear up with hysterical laughter would have to be Elf. Will Ferrell plays Buddy, a human raised by elves who leaves the North Pole to find his real father. Buddy is a naïve and innocent child-like man. He thinks the food pyramid consists of candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. He also likes to talk a lot, which really annoys his dad, a book publisher played by grumpy James Caan. One of the funniest scenes is when Buddy sees a children’s author talking to his dad in a board meeting. The author just happens to be a midget, so of course Buddy assumes he’s an elf. To make a funny story short…he’s a very angry elf.

Grace Awards:  What is your favorite Christmas carol and why? Do you have a favorite performing artist who sings that song?

Barbara:  I love Christmas carols but I’m always looking for something different to add to my holiday collection. I’m a country music fan and Brad Paisley and Sara Evans are two of my favorite artists, so when I heard them sing this song from the movie, Passion of the Christ, it became one of my favorites. I can hardly listen to it without tearing up. It’s one of the songs on Sara Evan’s “I’ll be home for Christmas” album, called New Again. It’s not really a carol but sort of a dialogue between Jesus and his mother, Mary. She’s broken hearted seeing her son, the tiny baby she gave birth to in that manger, now hanging on the cross. “God, how can this be your will, to have your son and my son killed?” And Jesus says “Mother… Whatever happens, whatever you see, whatever your eyes tell you has become of me. This is not the end. I am making all things new again.” It’s what Christmas is really all about.

Barbara is a multi-published author of mystery, suspense, and now a young adult series. She resides in the great state of Minnesota with her husband and their two lovable mutts. Her children, now grown, seldom return to the nest except for holiday meals or birthday celebrations, but they live close enough that they still get blamed if something turns up broken or is missing from the garage. Barbara enjoys white water rafting, cliff diving, and underwater exploration. Not really. Actually, she can’t swim, but as a fiction author she’s gotten rather accustomed to making stuff up. But she really does like black licorice.

Link to Barbara’s showcase on the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour.

There will be more author interviews to follow. The authors on the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour want to share their Christmas hopes, dreams, memories, decorating trips, perhaps even a recipe or two. Stay turned as these terrific and very interesting authors share about what Christmas means to them.

Link to access the Calendar of the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour:

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4 thoughts on “They write about Christmas Angels, Learning to Trust, and Amish Vampires! Wow!

  1. Interesting that all three authors shared their favorite Christmas Carol. I like Silent Night, also, and recall one of my favorite versions being one done by ‘Heinze’ (sp?). He was a big European star back in the seventies who mostly only sang in German. (Not sure if he was Austrian or German… Think a 70s German version of ‘Justin Bieber… ) Anyway, my father was of German decent and we had quite a few of Heinze’s albums. The Christmas one got worn thin. 🙂

  2. Suzanne, We usually do appetizers on Christmas Eve. Have been doing that for the past 4-5 years. I might make a meatless meal this year. It has to be meatless in my Eastern European tradition and my husband’s Italian tradition. It’s a token fast. Not a real fast as the table is loaded w/food, but there is no meat…as we await the birth of our Lord.

    Amanda, I love how Mark Lowry sings everything. 🙂

    Barbara, I loved The Passion of the Christ. Saw it three times.

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