Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour Is Coming!!!


The excitement and wonder of Christmas beckons. Twenty-two very talented Christian authors have gotten together to do a Christmas blog tour sharing with readers tantalizing novels perfect for gifting. Then again, when the rush of the season gets to be nearly overwhelming, why not simply curl up with one of these terrific novels and a cup of hot chocolate for a great holiday read.

The tour begins on Saturday, November 3rd and ends on Saturday, December 22nd. Below is a link which will provide the entire schedule. Why not try to visit each author to discover what wonderful Christian fiction is being showcased?


6 thoughts on “Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour Is Coming!!!

  1. Debbie

    The “Grace Filled Christmas” Blog Tour sounds like so much fun. I’m excited to step into this Christmas season inspired and lifted up by some great writing. Like Debra said this is going to be a great way for us to meet new authors and see what they write about. Writers always have a way of sharing great ideas too! This sounds a lot more exciting than getting pulled this way and that by all the commercialism around this time of year when you step into malls, stores, etc. Thanks for being a part of making this happen, Nike.

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