December 31st Kicks Off Reader Voting

The Grace Awards is reader driven. That means in the first round readers vote for novels in five categories:

Women’s Fiction(serious women’s issues, can have humor and/or suspense elements).

Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance (the primary element is love/marriage, be it now or then).

Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Romantic Suspense/ Detective Series (crime fiction, there’s probably a body). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Speculative Fiction Title (SciFi, fantasy, horror, etc.).

Action Adventure/Western/Historic Epic Fiction (exploits, quest, a feel of wide open spaces, expansive).

Young Adult (appeals to ages 15 – 21-ish).

Voting will begin on December 31st. Anyone who reads faith-based, inspy, Christian themed novels can vote. Authors can vote…but not for their own novel. Judges and Grace Awards Board members can vote…but not for a novel they’ve written. Anyone who reads Christian fiction can vote…but not until December 31st.

 This blog will have detailed instructions for voting. Stay tuned.

You can also go to the Grace Awards group on Facebook or to the Grace Awards page to find information about voting.

5 thoughts on “December 31st Kicks Off Reader Voting

  1. NikeChillemi

    On December 31st a “voting template” will be posted which your “readers” can copy and paste into an email.

    They then follow the instructions on the template, cast their vote(s) and email it back to the Grace Awards at

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